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New Students Welcome to Beacon Academy

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 9:55 pm
by Ozpin
A pale man with light hair wearing spectacles and a green suit walks towards the podium, taps on the microphone, and looks on towards the crowd of students in the main hall. After clearing his throat he looks at everyone with a stern face then opens his mouth and says:
Time for introductions, my name is Opzin and I am the headmaster here at Beacon Academy. At this institution it will be your goal to learn and acquire knowledge and hone your skills to become stronger Huntsman and Huntress. But strength is not solely based on what you physically can do or the power you wield that makes you special, true strength comes from the bonds you make with your professors and your team mates. It is that growth that will make you truly formidable against the creatures of Grimm.

Make no mistake, taking my words for granted and believing you can achieve everything on your own will become your undoing. Many Huntsman and Huntress from the past have learned this the hard way either at the hands of Grimm, Bandits, Mercenaries, or something far worse. You've all made it this far on your own, from your family, from previous teachings from other schools, or sheer luck; but we will push you to go farther.
Opzin then points to the monitor above his head that rotates through various Huntsman and Huntress who've graduated from the academy.
These alumni have discovered the courage and strength in themselves and their team and are now traveling around the world protecting those unable to protect themselves. With determination, resolve, and clairvoyance I don't see any of you can achieve that level of competence. Now then I refer you to my assistant.
The headmaster turns to the stairs on the edge of the stage and walks down and leave the main auditorium.

Re: New Students Welcome to Beacon Academy

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 10:05 pm
by Glynda Goodwitch
An older shrew looking woman with a serious face and purple cape now walks towards the microphone and speaks:
New students will be sleeping in the ballroom floor. You may pick a spot to sleep for the night, starting tomorrow you all will be assigned a team and be given a dormitory room. Be ready, you are dismissed.
She too steps away from the mic and walks off stage.