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Welcome to RWBYRP

Posted: Fri May 10, 2019 2:21 pm
by Erroneous
All systems green, connectivity with the kingdoms has been established, we are go for broadcasting. Hello people of Remnant, my name is Erroneous. For those of you who do not know me, allow for me to introduce myself. Oh! we don't have time for that? Alright then I'll get straight to the point...

What you are seeing now whether you are using your personal scroll device, a video monitor, or just listening in; is a test to the technological breakthrough thanks to the scientists and inventors from Atlas after the Great War. Years of constructing 4 major towers across the globe to carry such a heavy payload of data and communication wirelessly has been an exhausting endevour. But now that all that infrastructure has been built, tested, and tested some more; anyone and everyone can make use of this wonder.

From your gram gram who sleeps in all day, to your children who wish to keep in contact with friends and family who travel great distances, to the students who leave their hometown to become Hunters and Huntresses. This was all made possible thanks to the efforts and agreements thanks to the four kingdoms and a generous backing thanks to the Atlas kingdom.

What does this mean? Aside from your day-to-day use of these communication devices, you can video call, voice call, send files, share videos and pictures, and so much more! No longer do people have to put themselves in harms way of the terrible threat of the Grimm. Now safely and securely within your own kingdom, you can accomplish more in minutes than that which would have taken you weeks. Now all this remains possible assuming all 4 towers remain intact, should ever just one of them go down, then all communications unfortunately would be rendered unavailable.

So now, be sure to keep on communicating, and we will continue to broadcast any major news or updates from this platform right here on CCTS!