Greetings people of Remnant. Welcome to RWBYRP, a site dedicated to role-playing in-character through play-by-posting in online web series RWBY. Every thing taken place here on this site is handled as if you are your own character, named after the account name your registered as, so be sure to use a name worthy of the character you are trying to build. At this time the site is in development, so a lot of the things you see are still in testing and not final stages. If you wish to contribute, be sure to join our Discord server. More content will be added as development time continues. This message last updated May 28th 2019 at 3:15pm PST.


About Us
This website and it's entirety, RWBYRP (, is an online message board made through the use of phpBB and modified by the creator of this site to suit the purposes of this website. RWBYRP uses it's message board interface to create to the general public what is known as a play-by-post experience. The theme of that play-by-posting experience takes place in the fictional world based on the online web series called RWBY, created by Monty Oum and published by Rooster Teeth. The experience in which our players (you) interact with this fictional world and this community is handled in-character, meaning everything you post that you say your character says or does should be written in first-person or in some cases third-person point of view. You are your character, your words and actions are your own, the words and actions of other characters are to be made by other players, the exception being when it comes to player to player interactions. RWBY the web series is a 2D drawn and fully voiced animated show that takes place upon the fictional world called Remnant. This world has various continents with two distinct races called Humans, Faunus (a human animal hybrid), and the Grimm (an evil wild creatures). With the exception of the Grimm, the Humans and Faunus are able to produce a magic/skill like talent called Semblance that is only unique to that distinct character. This manifestation of skill/talent is powered by the Aura or power in which a person has stored within themselves. These can further be controlled or enhanced via a crystal stone found in the earth of Remnant called Dust Crystals and further refined and easily transported and used called simply Dust. Our version of that world here on RWBYRP, uses key points, timelines, and elements from the canon RWBY universe, but considering the changes and story deviation from that series, this site is to be considered an alternate universe (AU). Meaning everything does not have to match 1 to 1 and gives the players and the staff team here creative control on the direction this site shapes.

Mission Statement
RWBYRP was established to give it's players the creative and freedom to setup and create new characters of their own to experience, shape, grow, and interact with other players and people of this community. Through our play-by-post system, we want players to engage and interact with each other, free from harassment and discrimination based on a posters creative writing skills, literary works, expression, diversity, influence, and time. This community is meant to promote open opportunities for writers of all backgrounds, education, experience, languages, and more. We will never shut any willing participants out, shun any individuals or group of individuals, negatively criticize a persons work, or any other unwelcome views. Should you encounter any activity that goes against our rules, standards, and values; we encourage you to contact a member of staff. We provide the tools to create as many options to you the players to express and expand your possibilities such as keeping the site strictly in-character and a Discord server to help organize and build your characters and stories out of character. The ability to re-use your email address to create as many characters you like with the same email address and the ability to link accounts so that you can switch between characters on the fly without having to log out and log back in.

Vision Statement
Our goal with RWBYRP is to create an on-going engaged world and active community that our people can watch, participate, and look back at any given time. Building a rich history of colorful cast and crew as their names implies reaching across various languages and regions in our real world. We want to be known as an open role-playing community that is not managed by cliques, unreasonable standards, invite only by friend of friends, or any other means of exclusion or of demoral values. Through these experiences and opportunities, we aim to give players the chance to grow and gain the literary skills, develop social skills in the process, to create depth in their sentence structures, and gain mastery of the English language.